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About AgriKonek

AgriKonek (by the Department of Agriculture and ACPC) ) connects the suki to the local farmers around them! This gives the suki all the convenience to browse their favorite fresh produce and place their order at the AgriKonek Facebook Messenger in an instant!

The AgriKonek ordering system's features helps the local farmers sell their products amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Health compromise is a BIG NO! Let's keep their business rolling, and the farmers & their suki safe!


Helping you sell your produce is our 101% priority! We aim to help you build your own digital market with your own brand no matter what!

Over the past months, we have witnessed the impact a public health crisis like COVID-19 can have on local stores. With the Philippines having declared state of emergency and the months of community quarantine, closures of small businesses and restrictions on store & business operations, business sales hit its lowest. In order to help local stores, the farmers, AgriKonek was made.


AgriKonek will be providing the farmers an access to AgriKonek dashboard that can help manage their produce and their business, and a Facebook Messenger for the suki, through uncertain times and keep both parties safe.

The farmers will be posting their available goods or produce in their AgriKonek dashboard which can be viewed by the suki in the AgriKonek Facebook Messenger. From there, the buyers may search for the farmer’s brand easily where they can browse and select the store’s posted produce! Placed orders can be viewed from the AgriKonek dashboard which will then be prepared & packed safely by the staff.


AgriKonek is all about empowering the Farmers! Now the farmers can effectively take control of their production inventory with the Agrikonek dashboard. They can monitor inventory, track changes, and eliminate inefficiencies to better control their production costs. For Farmers on the go, Agrikonek helps gain visibility and understanding of real-time costs as well as receive orders directly from the SUKI! Drive farm profitability and efficiency with Agrikonek!

Order Claiming

The farmers are in charge of handling delivery logistics if they choose to only use a native solution, but it's perfect for pick-up (if available), or other on-the-day delivery via the locally available delivery options which is becoming increasingly common during social distancing.

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